J&L Property Development Company Background


J&L Property & Its’ Mother Company Taiwan Focus Group, The Earliest & Biggest Taiwanese-funded Enterprise in Cambodia.

J&L Property Development Ltd., Co., belongs to Taiwan “Focus Group”, has been assiduously developing in Cambodia for over 20 years, was one of the earliest Taiwanese enterprises to do land development and running business in Cambodia. From shoes manufacturing to property development, Focus Group has been extending number of enterprises, which are: Family Microfinance Plc., Matsu Property, J&L Investment and Consulting Co., Ltd., Capri Construction Co., Ltd., New world hospitality co., Ltd and JL Cambodia Charity Association.


Large Amount of Land Reserves in Cambodia and Vietnam, with Absolute Strength and Reliable Reputation.

Focus Group has accumulated a large amount of land reserves in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, Sihanoukville Port, Koh Rong Island and Vietnam, aiming at the large-scale development in Cambodia.


International Syndicated Financing Support to Prove J&L Property’s Strengthen & Capability.

J&L Property Development Co., Ltd. under Focus Group is jointly participated by 6 state-owned and privately-owned banks, namely the leading Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Business Bank, Sunny Bank and Bank of Pan-Hsin, jointly lending US$ 35 million, which has become the first international cross-border syndicated loan granting case for land construction. This is not only the best verification and recognition of Focus Group’s reputation and corporate strength, but also will comprehensively enhance and strengthen the economic strength of J&L Property Development Co., Ltd.


Focus Group Won Taiwan Golden Peak Award of Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises & Top 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurial Leaders.

In the election of the 19th Golden Peak Awards in 2019, with excellent enterprise performance, profit results and strong corporate strength in the past few years, Focus Group wins the Award of Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises, and Mr. Scott Wu, CEO of Focus Group, wins the Award of Top 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurial Leaders. Ying-Jeou Ma, the former Taiwanese leader & Ex-president of Taiwan, presents the award in person.


What We Value

All through the years, the catalyst to our success has been our unwavering ability to deliver on our promises without comprising our values for our stakeholders.

Trust Comes First

We deliver what we promise.

Initiate Ahead

Visualizing the future while developing a new living concept every time.

Quality Is Everything

Paying attention to every single detail to establish an unforgettable living experience.


J&L most fundamental philosophy of “people-oriented, customer-oriented” by the Huminites and practicality as a starting point insist on building the taste requirements so that the building closer to nature , to make life more comfortable and enjoy a more delicate taste practice create happy delicate and perfection make good the United States living space.


J&L Property roots in Cambodia more than 20 years so far ,steady forward ,has a wealth of practical experience know the local unique culture uphold the “sustainable, innovative and enterprising” values shouldering “from society, with all the social” enterprises social responsibility thinking their core the positive expectations of the local community development efforts.


J&L Property has a solid foundation to continue moving forward 、always keep integrity quality responsibility respect innovation for the mission expectations and contribute future become the leading development investor in Cambodia.



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